Mike Mahaffey

On "Romeo & Juliet", directed by Joe Regalbuto:

  • "The fight scenes between Tybalt and Mercutio (staged by Mike Mahaffey) are fierce and vicious…" – Jose Ruiz, www.reviewplays.com, "Romeo & Juliet"
  • "Kudos to Fight Director Mike Mahaffey! The reality of the edgy fight scenes on this small stage was miraculous!" – The Tolucan Times
  • "…this Mercutio is cool, witty, and passionate. His death scene is exciting and palpably tragic." – Jeff Favre, Backstage, "Romeo & Juliet"
  • "He [Mercutio] confronts the belligerent Tybalt in a fight with a warrior’s spirit." – Mary E. Montoro, entertainmentweekly.net, "Romeo & Juliet"

On the "Money & Run" series, Theatre Schmeater, Seattle Washington:

  • "…the fight choreography is simply marvelous, a combination of slow motion with every punch, kick and collision fully developed, and live action that startles you when it kicks in after a slow motion sequence." – Joe Boling, Theater Puget Sound, "Money & Run: Episode 1" (NOTE: Joe awarded Mike Mahaffey a "best fight choreography" award for his work on M&R:E1)
  • "The slo-mo fight sequences are gorgeous." – Richard Farr, The Seattle Times, "Money & Run: Episode 1"
  • "In an era when many dramas are staged like a forensic debate, Rawley and his cast indulge in fistfights and run around like happy three-year-olds ditching their garments for a romp in the grass." – Tom Spurgeon, The Stranger, "Money & Run Go Hawaiian"