Mike Mahaffey

Mike Mahaffey was born and raised in Richland, Washington, about four and a half hours south and east of Seattle. Mike has always been interested in stage and screen combat, having choreographed his first production while still in High School.

Mike enrolled at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, where he continued to create fights for university productions as well as helping to teach the stage combat portion of his own movement program.

Mike continued his training in graduate school by earning his Master’s degree from the University of South Carolina, and continued to work as a fight director for regional theatres all around the southeast.

Mike then moved back to the Pacific Northwest, choosing Seattle as his next destination where he made a name for himself as the fight director for the critically acclaimed "Money & Run" series.

Mike continues his acting and fight career today in Los Angeles where he has already established himself as a highly creative and qualified fight director and teacher of stage combat. He is recognized as a certified teacher by The Society of American Fight Directors, and is also a member of the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat, Revenge Arts and the Los Angeles Fight Academy.

He currently studies at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and enjoys success as a fight director, teacher, actor and motion capture performer.

In his spare time, Mike is an avid motorcycle fan, riding his Harley-Davidson Sportster all over the city, and up and down the California Coast as often as possible. He also enjoys reading, tiling bathrooms, practicing Seidokan Aikido and playing way too much Guitar Hero.